Network Passport

  • Become a netizen in one of the first network states inside the ever expanding virtual world also known as the metaverse, the matrix or the network.
  • A network passport will be an identity that you own that cannot be revoked by corporations, companies, states or even the network itself. Your avatar will be inscribed onto it.
  • Even if you already have NFTs in your wallet that carry your avatar’s name and profile picture, this will serve as an additional form of identification and as a specific login for the value that comes by being a netizen of the network.
  • In the future you may want to connect your real world identity to your avatar. The network passport is your bridge between those worlds.
  1. Choose your avatar name carefully. It will be inscribed on your passport forever. It does not have to be your real name.
  2. Remember unlike other name services, your name is not subject to availability. Your wallet may already be known by a particular name given by a certain name service. The network passport is not competing with name service providers (e.g. web3 identity). We provide legal power for your identity in the metaverse.
  3. As NFT verified profile pictures could be sold after verification, you may choose the profile pictures to represent you best by holding them in the same wallet as you hold your network passport. In the future when 3D-based avatars are possible we may allow you to attach a real-time capture of your avatar as an additional step of authentication.
  4. We will issue you a NIN, a network identification number, or rather a unique serial number that will be tied to your wallet. This serial number may be used in the future to confer additional rights from the real or metaverse world.
  5. Choose your wallet carefully. Only use a self-hosted wallet that supports ERC-721s, the technical standard for NFTs on Ethereum. We recommend a hardware wallet.
  6. Pay a non-refundable application fee by sending correct amount to the network passport wallet plus gas fees. The wallet address you are sending funds from will be the wallet you will receive your passport as an NFT.
  7. Your passport will never expire.
  8. Your passport will have basic rights that will never be revoked. In fact, we will not be able to revoke them. That is part of the design. Every passport has the same basic rights. Similar to human rights, everyone will have those basic rights.
  9. Please remember that while a network passport has certain basic rights that not even the network can take away from you, we must also protect ourselves from bad actors in the network community. Network passports may be granted certain access levels temporarily or permanently to access different things available on the network.
  10. We may offer to connect your passport to your real world identity. You don’t have to do that, but you may want to for certain things that require your real world identity.
  11. Where you are from, the color of your eyes and your age does not matter as much as they do in the real world.
  12. Instead of requiring fingerprints, facial recognition and/ or signatures, your wallet will serve as a cryptographic proof to access the network.


If you have any questions that are not covered here, reach out on our communication channels. Please join our community channels on Telegram, Discord or Matrix if you have additional questions.

What names are allowed?

Similar to domain registration or name registration services, you can practically use any name. We strongly recommend against using anything that is obviously offensive or hateful. It might also not be practical to include numbers or symbols in your name, but you could. An avatar name is often just one word, but you could also use your real name, or only change your first or last name.

How do we communicate with each other?

For general updates that affect all passport holders, please join our community channels, visit our forum or subscribe to our newsletter. For questions about your particular wallet, you need to add channels of communication to You do not need to share that information for your passport to work, but we cannot communicate authentically without you signing a message on-chain and providing that communication channel.

When can I expect my passport after I submitted my application?

We plan to launch the genesis edition of the passport some time in 2022. Once the first set of genesis network passports has been issued, we will issue passports in badges on a more regular basis. With each new badge that gets send out the delivery times will probably get shorter over time.

What if I move my passport to another wallet?

No problem. Just keep in mind sending ERC-721 is not as simple as sending normal ERC-20 tokens or tokens that you are familiar sending to and from exchanges because ERC-721 invokes more complex contract interaction.

Can I move my passport to another chain?

We may offer this in the future. We may also upgrade the passport entirely and launch it on another chain. We would then take a snapshot and issue new identical passports to all holders, rendering the old ones invalid.

What information is tied to my passport?

For now any information you share during the application. No email, phone number or address as we do not need that. We will update everyone generally by newsletter and deliver the passport on-chain. If in the future we decide to offer to tie personal real world information to your passport, we will notify you about the process. This will also be optionally. The passport will always have basic rights and value without any additional rights that may be installed later.​

Genesis Edition

The genesis of the network passport will be celebrated by issuing a limited supply of 12,121 passport that will be known as genesis network passports. Why 12,121? January 21, 2021 is the date when the network whitepaper was published. The genesis edition passports will be exactly the same as the network passports. We need to ensure that each passport holder enjoys the same basic rights. Similar to how museum have higher level patrons, the genesis edition is a higher level tier that might enjoy special access that we yet to determine. The genesis edition network passport should not be seen as an investment and we cannot guarantee any special access rights forever.



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